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Chip Mitchell is one of the most sought after athletic trainers in the country. With more than a decade of experience, both professional athletes, weekend warriors and soccer moms agree Coach Chip has developed a core training regimen that solidly delivers.

Mitchell’s passion for fitness grew with his years of development at some of the top facilities on the Tri-State Area, including Life Center Fitness, Burlington, NJ. Chip eventually decided to take his complete knowledge of health and fitness to the next level. Creating LocoMotion™ was an opportunity for Mitchell to really flex his sales, nutrition, fitness and training experience with a targeted audience.

Currently hosting personal training sessions, boot camp-like series’ and youth fitness programs, Chip’s recognition as a Certified Personal Trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and his advanced knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics now benefits the broad community he serves in and around Burlington, NJ.

Today, Chip Mitchell is the strength and conditioning trainer for Jason Thompson (Power Forward, Sacramento Kings), Pre-season conditioning coach for Rider University’s Men’s Basketball and a certified specialist in weight loss management, lean mass gains and performance enhancement training.

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Growing up in Brighton Alabama in the 70’s, there was not much around our home to do.  Gym class at school was the most activity I engaged in regularly.  I selected gym as my elective every year and even played volleyball a year or two. 

In 1995, after the birth of my first daughter, I found myself twenty pounds over my ideal weight of 129 pounds.  I walked into my co-worker’s office (who happened to be a group fitness instructor) the next day and asked for help.  She brought me a video and a step bench the very next day.  I lost the twenty extra pounds in less than three months and at the same time fell in love with the process.  In 1996, I decided to pursue a part time career as a group fitness instructor myself.  I received my certification through the American Council on Exercise.  I taught three days per week at a college recreational center plus church events and where ever else invited.  I became a magnet for questions and advice so I started thinking about personal training.

In 2004, I sat for the personal trainer’s exam and received my certification again from the American Council on Exercise.  I did not want to be a regular personal trainer in a gym or fitness center. I was inspired to develop a program based on living a generally healthy lifestyle, adults and children.   It includes daily exercise, eating plenty of vegetables and fruits, lean meats and whole grains.  My program does not focus on size or weight but wellness and functionality.

 Rev. Tracey Booker is President and CEO of Tracey BookerEnterprises, LLC, a lifestyle development company via Transformational Life Coaching and media outlets. She is also the Executive Director Metamorphosis, Incorporated, a faith based, non-profit female oriented service organization, whichadministers to women and girls, empowering them through various life changes and transitions. The major theme of Metamorphosis, Incorporated focuses on youth overweight and obesity.

Recent survey's report that approximately two-thirds of American adults are overweight or obese. This trend also negatively affects our children. The percentages are staggering as to how the dibilitating disease of obesity permeates our society.

Through the BodyWorks program, which is sponsored by the Office on Women's health, Tracey conducts training sessions for parents and caretakers of children between the ages of nine and thirteen. In the sessions, parents are encouaged to make meal time, grocery shopping, and exercise a family affair. Pmeaningful conversation and to listen attentively for reasons that their children are obese. Cooking classes are also conducted to help parents learn that healthy food preparation and eating does not have to be lack luster, but it can be a great culinary experience.arents are encouraged to engage their children in

Having wrestled with issues of overweight and obesity, Tracey understands many of the triggers and reasons why young people are overweight. Most times it is more than just eating junk food and inactivity, but there are issues that are untapped within that cause spiritual and physical weight that affect our youth.

Tracey is committed to doing her part to save our youth; mind, body, and soul.